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Is Your Life in Balance?

Is your cash outflow greater than your inflow?

Do you have health or relationship issues that are never resolved?

Is your zest for life slipping away?

Have you wondered what you can do  improve your life?

Are you open to working with the universe to bring about a better life?

        If "yes" is your response to all these questions, then you are ready to discover  how Feng Shui can dramatically improve your life.


Most Westerners, if they have heard of Feng Shui, pronounced fung schway, think it is a superstition, a religion or a philosophy.

Feng shui means Wind & Water. Feng Shui refers to the forces that continually shape and transform our earth and land.

Feng Shui is the ancient art and science of living in harmony with your environment.

Everything in the universe is a form of energy. How that energy moves in and through your environment significantly affects your life, health and career.

The Chinese call this energy Ch'i prounounced chee. Ch'i is the Life Force that exists in everything. Everything in the universe is embodied with Ch'i, connected by Ch'i and changed by Ch'i as expressed in Quantum Physics.

We have all experienced the unseen energy and power of wind and water. Powerful unseen magnetic energy also flows across our land and through our homes and offices.

Feng Shui changes lives, health and careers. De-cluttering your environment is important but it is only one aspect of Feng Shui. Before your life, health and career can reach unimaginable levels, your environment requires balance to allow the positive energy, Ch'i to flow.

has been certified in Feng Shui by World Renowned Feng Shui Master, Suzee Miller.

During Cynthia's career years as a Professional Mountain Real Estate Broker, she brought her Feng Shui knowledge into all her Real Estate Listings to increase 'profit and sales' for her many Real Estate clients. She continues to use Feng Shui daily in her Art, Craft & Spiritual Guidance business, on their Tibetan Yak Ranch and in partnership with her husband's Forestry business as a tool to increase sales, improve health & wealth and to bring balance back to forest properties.

Feng Shui Consultant, Gifted Artist, Published Poet/Writer, Intuitive Psychic/Sensitive, Astrologer & Numerologist, Dowser, Forestry Professional, Marketing Professional and retired Real Estate Professional, her unique training, knowledge and experience reach beyond the everyday realm. Her insight has proven invaluable to individuals, families and the business community. Her focus in life is to "Make a Difference" in her Local Community and in the lives of those she meets.

Cynthia Mae Hoffman Phillips

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Change your life with a Feng Shui Consultation today!

Feng Shui One Hour Phone Consultations Available:

Home Feng Shui Consultation - $500  (Current Home or New property you are considering)

Business Feng Shui Consultation - $500  (To improve your business results)

Marketing Feng Shui Consultation - $300  (To help Your Property to Sell Faster)

Relationship Feng Shui Consultation  - $500  (To improve your Personal /Business Relationships

(A download or fax of your office or home floor plan along with photos is needed before your scheduled phone consultation)

Be sure to have a copy of the download or fax you send so that you can refer to it during the consultation. Don't forget to write down your questions about Feng Shui and your life before the Consultation.