Tree Removal Services

Thinning is important for the health of your trees.  It can be hard making the decision to thin trees that appear healthy, but trees are stressed when they are too close together. The early signs of disease may not be readily apparent to those without training in detecting pests and disease. Proper spacing of trees makes them more drought and disease resistent. It allows the trees to grow straight and strong. It provides sunlight and room for regeneration to occur. It increases mature trees longevity. Diseased and dying trees can be a serious fire hazard. They burn easily and allow fire to spread more rapidly.

We help Mountain Property Owners meet insurance requirements for safe fire zones around their homes by removing trees that Insurance Companies specify must be removed for insurance policy continuance. We help owners improve access into their properties by removing trees to meet their Fire Department's requiremnts for adequate fire truck access. This gives "Defensible Space" for firefighters to get in to do their job.  Insurance Companies believe a mountain property home has an improved chance to withstand a wildfire if grasses, brush, trees and other common forest fuels are removed, reduced or modified to reduce a fire's intensity. Each Insurance Company has it's own risk assessment and requirements. It is a property owner's responsibility to know what their Insurance company requires and to see that their property is in compliance with those requirements.

Drought conditions and Beetle epidemics have produced an unnatural amount of dead and dying trees. The risk of a wildfire has grown to the level that the shift has been made away from thinking "if a wildfire will occur" to the reality of "when the wildfire occurs.Mountain Property Owners are now asking, "What can be done to reduce the impact to my forest property?  How can I best prepare?  What will it cost?  Who can I trust to do the work safely and correctly?  How will my property benefit and what will the property be like after tree removals and tall grasses are cut?"

Insurance Companies are now inspecting mountain properties in record numbers and demanding action be taken by Mountain Property Owners to reduce the risk to their homes and structures. This means removing trees and flammable materials around structures up to distances of 200 feet. Years ago,  Insurance Companies followed Forest Service recommendations for defensible zones. Now Insurance Companies have each developed their own set of requirements based on their own assessment of risk factors and these requirements vary from one Insurance Company to the next. Forest Service guidelines are now merely recommendations and they do not meet Insurance Company requirements which have become much stricter. Compliance is now more difficult and costly for the Mountain Property Owner.

Property Enhancement is our speciality. We understand what is needed and work closely with all Insurance Companies, Local and State Agencies to be able to prepare your property to meet your Insurance and Fire Company's requirements. Careful selection of the best healthy trees to keep becomes even more important when the number of trees allowed is restricted. We work with you and your Insurance Company to bring the best possible outcome for the future of your property.

Property before cleanup & thinning

Property after cleanup & thinning