Tall Grass Cutting, Custom Haying & Mountain Property Enhancement Services

2014 was the start of our Tall Grass, Custom Haying and Mountain Property Enhancement Service in Gilpin County and adjacent areas of Mountain Boulder and Jefferson Counties. We saw a need for this service due to the wet summers of 2013 - 2015. On some properties the grasses had grown over 4 foot tall and many home owners do not own the proper equipment to mow these tall grasses. Weed wackers are a time consuming and cumbersome method to deal with the problem of acres of grass to cut and most lawn mowers cannot survive the rough mountain terrain.

While the grasses are green, they may provide a good means to slow erosion but insurance companies are increasingly concerned about the fire risk as tall grasses turn brown all too quickly when it gets hot and dry or an unexpected frost turns them brown overnight. Tall grasses become ladder fuel to take a fire into the trees and a ground fire can quickly become an uncontrollable crown fire when tall grasses are present.

We help the Mountain Property Owner meet the tall grass cutting requirements of their insurance company in a convenient and reliable way. We cut and remove the tall grasses while they are still green and bring the Mountain Property Owner into compliance with their insurance company's requirements while improving the appearance and usability of their property at the same time.

Cutting the grasses before they get too tall benefits a mountain property in many ways. It disperses grass seeds that have developed and actually allows a natural reseeding process to occur. This helps to develop a better grass area with less scattered uneven grass clumps and a more uniform grass mat can begn to develop. The grass with more nutrients for the wildlife is actually a shorter height which has more leaf and less stem. This is why cutting more than once a season especially in wet years can benefit the ecosystem on your property.

The equipment we use was developed specifically for mountainous regions around the world. It is tough and meets the need better than any equipment we have seen available in Colorado and we are pleased to be able to provide a much needed service to our Community.

Mowing with our sickle bar mower

Baler is a great way to clean up

Round bales are a convenient size to handle and load

Raking & gathering with our rake/tedder

Rake gathers the grass into rows

Baler wraps the grass with netting for easy transport